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product arrow Stabiliser/ Swaybar 16mm 18mm Grand Livina

Nissan Grand Livina Rear Anti-roll Bar / Rear Sway Bar / Rear Stabilizer Bar

Rear Anti-roll Bar / Rear Sway Bar / Rear Stabilizer Bar 
Code: UR-AR18-281
Specification: 18mm Solid

Anti Roll Bars (also known as anti-sway bars, sway bars or lower tie bars) affect the handling of the car on the lower end of the suspension. Sway bars tie the lower suspension components together across the front or back, and affect a car’s over steer and under steer. Sway bars will keep your car flat in turns instead of leaning over to one side. They distribute energy from the side of the car with all the force from the turn on it to the other side of the car, bringing the whole car down flat instead of leaning to one side. Of course the car will still lean some, but not as much. Sway bars provide better cornering especially at high speeds and work very well in conjunction with strut tower bars. However, they can have an adverse affect in off-road situations by leaving one tire completely off the ground.


- Mengurangi Body Roll hingga 40%

- Meningkatkan handling & stabilitas kendaraan

- Mengurangi chassis flex & suara

- Meningkatkan performa pengereman

- Untuk keselamatan & kenyamanan anda