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product arrow JBT 4pot Brake Kit

JBT 4pot Brake Kit


JBT uses the highest grades of material, used by any manufacturer, in the construction of its brake products, utilizing the latest & most innovative technology available
- T6 heat treated 7075 billet alloy bells, The Bell housing for Floating rotor are made with aluminium provided by ALCOA the world's finest aluminium material
- Hi-Carbon steel mounting brackets/adapters,
- T6 heat treated 6061 alloy Calipers (cast or forged available)
- Only company to fit their calipers with 100% titanium alloy pistons (advanced cooling) - with anti dust seals
- Staggered piston design to prevent pad tapering
- Full floating race-style 2 piece full floating construction (aid heat dissipation, & allow for “heat growth†under extreme conditions) Only company to produce 2 piece full- floating rear set-ups with handbrake drum in bell design, for most models.
- Braided Stainless steel Teflon coated hydraulic hoses to prevent line swell and pedal fall-away, for a firmer & more confident feel.
- Hi Friction co-efficient anti-fade pads, made of some of the worlds most exotic materials including carbon, ceramic, carbon fiber, carbon metallic, all of which are rotor friendly and are available in heat ratings from 450 degrees Celsius to 850 degrees Celsius.

All JBT components are manufactured in ISO9000/1 approved facilities and are subjected to the Highest & Most Stringent testing procedures as set down by the TUV organization, recognized AT the world leader in testing for quality, safety and serviceability.

Pilihan Warna: Merah, Biru, Hitam, Kuning, Silver

Pilihan Rotor: 355mm/t32